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Ralph Darrell & Lois Reveigh Willis
Carrollton, formerly of Independence, Missouri

Ralph, Lois &

Thank you for adopting me from Greece.
You gave me a warm, nurturing home to grow up in. My contribution to humanity reflects your love and guidance.

My dear Mother passed away on April 9, 2008 in Missouri.
Mother I will miss you. Our hearts are united and I love you forever.

My dear Father passed away on July 26, 2009. I was called and told he had about six hours to live by Crossroads hospice. There was no way to get to his side from Denver, Colorado to Carrollton, Missouri. My brother Mark, held his hand as he passed into the arms of Jesus. I had wanted him to leave the silent world Alzheimer's creates and join Lois, his beautiful wife of 54 years. On July 26, 2009, his silent, void world ended. With his passing came restored memory and love forgotten. I miss you, Dad and will love you forever. As a tribute, I plan to build memorial web sites. Please revisit for the links.

Father Michael Eaccarino, Proistamenos
Assumption Greek Orthodox Metropolis Cathedral

Father Michael

Thank you for your guidance in helping me start my search and my introduction into the Greek community.

Father Christodoulos Papadeas
Brotherhood of Saint George Mission Monastery, Denver, Colorado

Father Christodoulos

You welcomed me into the larger Greek family at St. George's, St. Anna's, St. Catherine Greek Orthodox Church (where we met), and Assumption Catherdal. You said you would pray that God would guide my search and to know that my birth mother also prays for me. Thank you.

John and Yoryéah Roberts
Assumption Greek Orthodox Metropolis Cathedral

Karen, Yoryéah,Yianni You both are wonderful. I appreciate your love and help. From the moment we met and I told you my story, you offered to help find my birth mother. Yoryéah, your mastery of both the Greek and English language, combined with your passion in helping me would ultimately guide me to the person who would find my roots.

With one letter written in Greek and mailed to Crete in December of 2005 we found Marilena , the nurse who cared for me in Metera Babies Centre. I could hardly contain my excitment when after forty-seven years, I had connected with the woman who had cared for and named me after my birth in the orphanage.

I will never forget how much you both have helped me. Thank you.

Claire Zinis
St. Catherine Greek Orthodox Church

Claire ZinisThank you for helping me with the Greek language by calling Athens in the middle of the night to locate someone who spoke English at Metera Babies Centre. Also, thank you for becoming a part of my exhibit and allowing me to photograph you.

Lee Phillip Bell
Formerly of WBKB-TV (later WBBM-TV), in Chicago, Illinois

Ralph, Lois, Karen and Lee Phillips You filmed a documentary in Greece at Metera Babies Centre for "The Lee Phillip Show" on CBS in 1959. Later, you and CBS gave my father the footage of me leaving the orphanage with my new American family. Thank you for this cherished piece of film. Someday, I hope to see the entire documentary, and if I could find you, I would thank you in person.

From left: Ralph Willis, Lois Willis, Lee Phillips-Bell, Karen Willis

James Wentworth
University of Colorado Denver

Thank you for being a great advisor and mentor throughout the planning and production of my exhibit in the spring of 2005. Your advice was greatly needed. I especially, needed your help to guide my selection of the 5 silver-gelatin photographs. Without your knowledge, I would not have been able to transfer my VHS tape to DVD and then onto the web.

Charalambos Karydakis

Thank you for your web site showing photos of you at Metera over 40 years ago and the information you are providing for others on your site. Your web site was the first valuable information I found as I began my search. Also, thank you for your willingness to help me.

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